Leather floors and walls

Genuine leather is a natural product and must also be processed in this manner.
We manufacture the leather tiles for our customers and process them according to their individual wishes, therefore, each laid leather flooring and designed leather wall is special and unique.

The leather tiles are hand cut by means of a special slice from the dermis (the inner layer) of the hide. The production takes place in true handmade "Made in Germany" style.

Our leather collections offer up a variety of combinations with materials such as wood, metal, mineral floor coverings and others.

The leather tiles for floor and wall can vary in thickness from 2.0 mm to 3.5 mm.

Smooth leather and suede give a pleasant walking sensation due to their elasticity.
The exclusive use of natural materials guarantees maximum skin comfort.

Whether in private living rooms, bars or lounges, boutiques or hotels, in company receptions or other representative spaces, leather floors and walls exude exclusivity.
Clear visions are essential to make great things unique. Our primary goal is to realize the wishes and visions of our customers using beautiful leather floors and walls.

Product Images

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